About Superior Manufacturing

In 1945, Superior Manufacturing Company was born out of the post World War II domestic automobile boom.  As the Big Three automobile manufacturers established dealerships throughout the country, Superior developed a profitable niche supplying durable steel storage bins for this market.  The recession of the early fifties, coupled with market saturation of dealerships, necessitated a change in direction for the company.  Superior developed the engineering expertise required to  become a job shop manufacturer for textile, telecommunications, and other emerging industries, providing both machining and metal fabricating services.

Our Products

With over half a century of metal fabrication experience, Superior offers a wide range of products and services. Serving the construction equipment market, our specialties are fuel and hydraulic tanks, operator cabs and enclosures. Other products include engine hoods, fenders, baffles, ladders, muffler guards, battery boxes, door assemblies, fan shrouds, covers, tool boxes etc.


Superior is committed to providing our customers with quality products


We are also committed to providing our employees with a safe work environment.


This allows us to keep our productivity at a competitive level.