This heavy-duty, military-use forklift vehicle is a good example of how Superior Manufacturing joined with the primary contractor to become a much larger contributor to the project. Originally, Superior was identified as a potential supplier of the vehicle’s cab. But on an in-plant inspection of our facilities and capabilities, the government contractors’ engineers quickly saw that Superior could go far beyond that. Drawings for additional components were presented to us, and to make a long story short, Superior ended up fabricating not only the cab, but fuel and hydraulic tanks, fenders, engine covers and a host of other parts. In addition, all of the painting/finishing processes were applied in our plant and substantial sub-assembly of the electrical components and hydraulics were accomplished.
While such an arrangement had many benefits, perhaps the greatest for the contractor was that the fit and finish of the parts was much more controllable because they were produced by one source. No paint mismatches. No misaligned mounting holes. And Superior was in a position to make design recommendations for improvements because we weren’t just making a single isolated component. Instead, we worked in partnership…and the results were spectacular!

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