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We were founded in 1945 as a steel storage bin supplier before expanding our engineering capabilities to other industries such as telecommunications and textile. Superior Manufacturing was known as a “job shop” until the domestic infrastructure expansion in the 1960s.

Today, we continue to adapt to the changing economic and manufacturing climates. We are committed to quality, customer service and continually expanding our engineering capabilities. We value our skilled workforce and everything they provide to our team.

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    Metal Fabrication Welding Jobs & More

    Are you looking for a metal fabrication or welding job? Apply to Superior Manufacturing Company today! We fabricate products for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), including operator cabs, steel and aluminum cages and fuel and hydraulic tanks.

    Benefits of Working With Superior Manufacturing

    If you’re interested in working in metal fabrication or welding, a job with Superior Manufacturing is for you. You’ll receive several advantages by working with us, including:

    • Easy field entry: We hire all levels of experience and are willing to train those eager to learn.
    • Room for growth: We provide opportunities for you to expand your abilities and grow in this position. We encourage continuous improvement at Superior Manufacturing.
    • Product versatility: We do metal fabrication welding for numerous products, ranging from fuel tanks to operator cabs. Since we work with multiple OEMs, you’ll often experience variety in the items you create.
    • Working with your hands: While some people are better suited for sitting at a computer all day, we know you prefer to work with your hands. That’s what makes our metal fabrication welding jobs the right fit for you — creating tangible products is part of your job description!
    • Collaboration: When you work in this industry, you know you won’t be alone. You will be working with our entire team to help create products others will use in their equipment.

    How to Know If You’re a Good Fit

    Being a fabrication machine operator or welder requires particular skills and certifications. Requirements include:

    • Being detail-oriented: Do you notice even the most minute details? Paying attention to the small stuff pays off when working in metal fabrication.
    • An interest in steel manufacturing: You should have at least a basic knowledge of math and fabrication processes.
    • Desire to learn: While having certifications and prior industry experience is beneficial, we want to know you’re willing to dive in and learn. We will thoroughly train you on everything you need to know.

    Do you sound like the right fit to be a metal fabrication welder, powder coat painter, or fabrication machine operator? At Superior Manufacturing, you know we value our team members and want to help you succeed. Our goal is to provide high-quality products like fuel and hydraulic tanks, operator cabs and steel or aluminum cages to all our clients.

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