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When designing and fabricating operator cabs, our main concerns are safety, comfort and productivity. With over 35 years of experience manufacturing operator cabs for construction, heavy equipment and more, Superior Manufacturing has the expertise to meet both your needs and the needs of heavy equipment operators. If you want a qualified operator cabin manufacturer, look no further.

Since 1985, we have manufactured over 25,000 operator cabs for our clients! We specialize in high-quality custom and OEM cabs for crane operations, highway equipment and aircraft tow tractors. Our team handles every stage of the cab design and manufacturing process. From a concept to a fully assembled product, we ensure superior quality. Learn more about our cab manufacturing capabilities and find the right choice for your OEM business.

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Operator Cab Manufacturing Overview

When it comes to safety, comfort and productivity, our custom equipment cab enclosures offer the following benefits:

  • Minimal noise: Construction sites are often noisy. We use soundproofing methods to help keep the noise outside of the equipment cab from distracting the operator.
  • Controlled temperature: Climate control keeps workers sheltered and safe. With temperature-controlled cabs, workers stay comfortable and prevent overheating.
  • Less vibration: Moving and operating a crane can send vibrations to the cab. By minimizing the vibrations, our cabs ensure the operator can better grip the controls and maneuver the equipment throughout the site.
  • Enhanced visibility: Our cabs provide 360-degree visibility, allowing operators to monitor all machine operations.

We design operator cabs to work with multiple sizes and styles of cranes, highway, and construction equipment.

Types of Operator Cabs

We have extensive experience in engineering and manufacturing the following types of cabs:

Crane Operator Cabs

As a custom crane cab supplier for OEMs, we work with companies of all sizes to provide operator cabs for cranes and boom trucks. You can rely on us to design and manufacture cab enclosures to meet your exact specifications. We specialize in OEM production and can accommodate a range of production volumes.

We use high-quality materials and assembly procedures when manufacturing your mobile crane operator cabin to ensure quality and consistency regardless of order volume. If you need crane operator cabs, our OEM services are ideal. We are able to design and build multiple styles of crane cabs depending on your operational requirements. Contact us with questions about your crane cabin design.

Highway Equipment Cabs

We also supply operator cabs for a variety of highway equipment vehicles, including brooms, force feed loaders and motor graders. Whatever your product needs, if you need custom operator cabs for your equipment, we can help.

We go beyond cab manufacturing. Our engineering team works directly with customers to outline and create the ideal operator cab, regardless of dimensions, shape, color or material. We design our highway equipment cab enclosures to meet your specifications and give operators an optimal working platform. Talk with us today to find out how we can provide you with the best solution for your needs.

Your Experienced Heavy Equipment Cab Supplier

Superior Manufacturing Company has over 75 years of experience making high-quality products to serve many businesses in the construction industry. We design, fabricate, paint, assemble, inspect and ship finished heavy equipment cab components that are ready for immediate installation.

We offer just-in-time (JIT) delivery, so your products are there as soon as you need them. Our experienced team will work with you to create a supply strategy that meets your timeline and budget.

Contact us online to request a quote and get started with Superior Manufacturing as your OEM cab manufacturer or visit our products page to see some of our other most popular projects.

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