Metal Cabinets

Metal Cabinet Manufacturer

High-quality metal cabinets are essential to many industries, including manufacturing facilities, chemical processing plants, power companies and fuel suppliers. Metal cabinets can be customizable to various sizes with limitless shelving configurations to meet the retailer’s needs. Whether you sell to warehouses, factories, laboratories or other operations, we understand that they rely on these cabinets to store and protect an extensive range of items.

Superior Manufacturing Company is a qualified original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of metal cabinets and storage cages with over 75 years of experience providing solutions to some of the industry’s most recognized brands. We have a broad range of manufacturing and design capabilities to meet your client base’s complex needs.  Whether your application requires a superior-quality indoor or outdoor cabinet, our team can help you create a cost-effective, highly functional solution.

OEM Metal Cabinet Manufacturer

Superior Manufacturing’s decades of industry expertise enable us to engineer your metal cabinet from the ground up with the most effective structural design and durable materials. Our engineers can work with your internal team to develop an optimal solution for your customers or provide you with a competitive quote for your existing products, including cabinets meeting military specifications.

Our fabrication team utilizes strict quality control processes to weld, assemble, paint or powder-coat your cabinet to the design requirements. We pride ourselves on clear, honest communication, keeping you informed from the order processing stages through delivery. Although we primarily partner with OEMs, we work with other companies requiring bulk production of metal cabinets, fuel tanks, hydraulic tanks, operator cabs or other enclosures.

Metal Cage Design and Manufacturing

Superior Manufacturing can work with most types of metals to cover all your fabrication needs, including sheet metal options like aluminum and stainless steel. Whether we manufacture an existing design or create a new product that aligns with your specifications, we’ll work with you to determine the most functional and cost-effective solution. Our process involves supplying you with a detailed drawing, manufacturing specs and a prototype for final approval before we begin fabrication.

When you partner with us as your metal cabinet production company, you’ll experience benefits like:

  • Superior quality: High quality and strict conformance to specifications are among our top priorities. We aim to exceed each client’s expectations across all phases of production.
  • Cost savings: We offer our clients cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. Our advanced fabrication capabilities focus on optimizing efficiency and streamlining production to ensure our product costs stay competitive.
  • Prompt delivery: At Superior Manufacturing, we understand the importance of timely delivery as an OEM supplier. We do everything possible to deliver your products on time without delays, including specialized programs like just-in-time deliveries and drop-shipping.

Choose Superior Manufacturing Company as Your Trusted Metal Cabinet Supplier

If your operation is looking for a reputable manufacturer of high-quality, cost-effective metal cabinets and outdoor storage cages, Superior Manufacturing is the perfect choice. Since 1945, we have been at the forefront of the metal fabrication industry by using advanced tools, exceptional craft and the latest engineering trends to create top-class products. Contact us online today for a quote or to obtain additional product information.

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