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Secure propane tank storage cages for industrial operations are integral for protecting workers and the surrounding environment and ensuring long life spans for the propane tanks. Storage cages equip facilities to achieve the highest safety levels, preventing tanks and cylinders from bumps and punctures that can result in dire consequences.

Superior Manufacturing Company is a leading supplier of top-class propane tank storage cages to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other distributor companies requiring highly functional, cost-effective solutions. We have the engineering and fabrication capabilities to suit nearly any cage configuration, including various sizes, multiple shelves or cylinder capacities.

OEM Outdoor Propane Storage Cages

Many applications across industries require first-rate storage cages to secure propane cylinders, from fuel suppliers and warehouses to restaurants and agricultural operations. Some of the most common applications are operations that utilize propane cylinders to power forklifts.

These businesses require a durable outdoor propane storage cage to protect their cylinders or tanks when not in use and offer easy access whenever needed. Regardless of the specifications or operational requirements, we work with clients to identify safe, durable and functional solutions.

Our propane storage tank fabrication processes meet high quality control standards when assembling, welding, painting or powder coating cages to meet manufacturing requirements. Our engineering team has decades of combined experience helping clients engineer their products from the ground up, including structural design, shelving configurations, compartment sizing and material selection. We keep each client informed throughout the manufacturing process, from concept creation to product delivery.

Designing and Producing Forklift Propane Tank Storage Cages

Whether you have an existing propane storage cage design or want to request a quote on a new line of products, Superior Manufacturing will provide you with a competitive price. Our propane storage tank fabrication process is fully customizable, meaning we can help you develop a tailor-made solution to sell to your customers that optimizes functionality, efficiency and cost savings. Before manufacturing your custom cages, we provide you with a detailed blueprint, step-by-step assembly specifications and a prototype for final approval.

Choosing us as your storage cage manufacturing company allows you to experience advantages like:

  • Exceptional quality: At Superior Manufacturing, our highest priorities are achieving premium quality and adhering to precise manufacturing specifications. We strive to exceed client expectations in each phase of design and production.
  • Cost efficiency: We aim to provide clients with propane tank storage cages that offer cost savings without affecting product quality so that you can receive the highest ROI on our products. Our fabrication processes utilize advanced manufacturing capabilities that optimize efficiency and production speed.
  • Streamlined delivery: Our team understands your role as an OEM supplier and the importance of prompt delivery. We go the extra mile to ensure the fastest delivery times, including third-party drop-shipping and just-in-time delivery programs.

Trusting Superior Manufacturing Company for Your Propane Storage Cage Needs

If you want to learn more about how our propane storage cages can benefit your client base, the experts at Superior Manufacturing can guide you. We set ourselves apart from other propane storage cage manufacturers by providing honest communication while helping you create the most practical and cost-beneficial cage designs. Contact us online today for additional product information or a price quote.

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