Military Partnerships

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Military Applications

As a Military Specification (MIL-SPEC) fuel and hydraulic tanks manufacturer, Superior Manufacturing Company can meet critical needs in the industry with trusted, custom-built solutions. We have extensive design and fabrication capabilities, and our expert team uses years of industrial experience to meet precise MIL-SPEC requirements. We are available to work with private military contracts and design reliable, optimized tanks, steel cages, operator cabs and other equipment for MIL-SPEC applications.


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Precision Metal MIL-SPEC Fabricators

Over the years, we’ve served as a trusted manufacturer for a range of private military contractor products. Precision metalwork is a critical operation for many miltary metal fabrications. From vehicles to electronics, the military requires quality materials to produce appropriate hardware and equipment.

As a manufacturer of industry-grade aluminum cages, steel cages, hydraulic tanks, fuel tanks and operator cabs, Superior Manufacturing has extensive experience managing and customizing precision metal applications.

Military Contract Experience

At Superior Manufacturing, we deliver optimized services for military use. We bring years of experience in the industry to meet the specific needs of our clients. One of our past projects was to provide optimized solutions for a military-use forklift vehicle.

This heavy-duty, military-use forklift vehicle is a good example of how Superior Manufacturing joined with the primary contractor to become a much larger contributor to the project. Although Superior was initially identified as a potential supplier for the vehicle’s cab, following an in-plant inspection of our facilities and capabilities, the government contractors’ engineers quickly saw that Superior could go far beyond that.

Drawings for additional components were presented to us and Superior ended up fabricating not only the cab but fuel and hydraulic tanks, fenders, engine covers and a host of other parts. Superior also did all of the painting and finishing processes as well as substantial sub-assembly of the electrical components and hydraulics.

While such an arrangement had many benefits, perhaps the greatest for the contractor was that the fit and finish of the parts were much more controllable because they were produced by one source. No paint mismatches. No misaligned mounting holes. Because of the collaborative nature of the partnership, Superior was in a position to make design recommendations for improvements because we weren’t just making a single isolated component. Instead, we worked in partnership, and the results were excellent!

Superior Manufacturing welcomes the opportunity to discuss all facets of your project. We bring experience and expertise to the table that can save time, money, assembly hassles and a host of other headaches.

Our Expertise With Military Applications

We have a long history of meeting military operational requirements for the United States. Superior Manufacturing can fulfill military requirements with products that fully meet industry standards and applications.

Whatever requirements you may have for MIL-SPEC applications, we offer trusted solutions to match your key operational needs. Our expert engineering team can work with you to design a product that will fulfill all industry regulations and work with demanding applications. Whatever environment or uses the final product may have, we’ll create a fabrication for miltary use with optimal functionality.

Once we’ve completed the design with you, our workforce will manage the fabrication and final production stages. Our quality control team oversees the entire manufacturing process, prioritizing meeting military-grade standards and ensuring the equipment can deliver maximum durability and performance. During the process, our management team will be available to answer your questions and help with anything you may need.

Ask About Our MIL-SPEC Experience

If you require reliable solutions for private military contract requirements, Superior Manufacturing offers trusted services to meet your needs. Work with us for optimized solutions and trusted services that fully comply with industry standards. As a team, we prioritize three core values — price, quality and delivery. We focus on delivering trusted products that meet your timeline requirements and provide final products as quickly as possible.

Work with us for trusted quality and rapid turnaround of your requested military products. If you have any questions or want more information on our production process, our team is ready to assist you in any way we can.

Contact us online to request a quote and get started with Superior Manufacturing or visit our products page to see some of our other most popular projects.

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