Hydraulic Tank Manufacturing

Off-road equipment and many types of specialty vehicles depend on hydraulic systems to perform various functions. High-quality tanks are essential for storing and managing the hydraulic fluid that powers those systems. Choosing products that can withstand the rigors of these demanding applications is crucial for optimizing the machine’s performance and reliability.

Superior Manufacturing Company is an experienced, full-service designer and manufacturer of hydraulic tanks for equipment in production. Whether building a new tank or reverse-engineering and recreating an existing design better suits your application, we can deliver a result that exceeds your expectations. We’ll put our more than 75 years of industry experience to work for your business.

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OEM and Custom Mass Hydraulic Tank Production

Our capabilities include designing, manufacturing and assembling hydraulic tanks for OEM manufacturers. We understand the importance of quality in your applications. With our decades of expertise, we can deliver solidly constructed tanks for large-volume projects that meet your stringent reliability standards. We oversee every process step to ensure maximum precision, and we’ll collaborate with your team during every project phase, from design to assembly.

Do you require specifically designed equipment most hydraulic tank suppliers can’t provide? We can also produce custom solutions to ensure the perfect fit for your equipment in production, whether you need an irregular size or shape or unique dimensions.


Factors We Consider During Hydraulic Tank Manufacturing

Our in-depth fabrication process includes an evaluation of all relevant design and manufacturing factors:

  • Materials: We produce tanks from steel, stainless steel or aluminum. These high-quality, lightweight materials are rugged and durable, and they provide excellent corrosion and wear protection. They also prevent hydraulic fluid leaks that could lead to equipment damage.
  • Quality: Every hydraulic tank undergoes an extensive quality control check and comprehensive leak testing to ensure it will deliver reliable long-term service.
  • Size: We can design tanks in a wide range of sizes. Whether your equipment is small or large, your hydraulic tank will have the appropriate fluid-holding capacity for your needs.
  • Order quantity: Superior Manufacturing Company focuses on bulk-quantity manufacturing projects. We work with OEMs and businesses in need of components for their products.


Why Choose Superior Manufacturing?

Our decades of experience set us apart from many other hydraulic tank manufacturers. We also do all the work in-house without relying on outside contractors. Keeping everything under one roof enables us to manage every step from start to finish. This level of control significantly reduces inconsistencies that frequently occur when utilizing multiple vendors.

By serving as your single-source industrial hydraulic tank manufacturer, we can save your company time, stress and money. Having one contact for all your needs also enables you to receive fast, reliable service and allows you to request rapid changes when the need arises.

Are carrying costs an issue for your business? With our just-in-time inventory capabilities, you can order and receive hydraulic tanks as you need them, eliminating excess storage concerns. All tanks arrive fully assembled and ready to install.


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Learn more about our OEM and custom hydraulic tank design and fabrication capabilities and how they can add value to your equipment manufacturing processes. Contact the experts at Superior Manufacturing for additional information and a no-obligation project quote today.

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