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Superior Manufacturing Company is an industry-leading precision metal fabrication company. With over 75 years of experience in sheet metal fabrication services, we specialize in the manufacturing of operator cabs, fuel and hydraulic tanks, and other fabricated metal products.Our clients include Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) businesses nationwide that produce mobile construction equipment. From heavy equipment operator cabs to small components for portable light towers, we supply businesses with the products they need to provide their customers with the highest-quality products.Our expertise is not just limited to heavy-duty equipment. We also manufacture aluminum cages for propane tank storage, stainless steel cribs, electrical boxes and many other items. We work with you to provide the optimal engineered solution for your products, including everything from cost-effective design to just-in-time (JIT) delivery.Work with us and experience our dedicated customer service and superior quality.

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What We Do

Utilizing our engineering expertise, we can design your product from the ground up, creating the most cost-effective method of manufacture. We can work with your engineering team to provide the best solution for your customer’s needs, or we can take your fully engineered specifications (including military specs) and provide a competitive quote.

Our dedicated and experienced workforce will then take over to fabricate, weld, prepare and paint, then assemble your product as designed. Every step of the way, our engineers and knowledgeable quality control team will ensure that your product is built to your exact specifications and to our strict quality standards, including proper powder coating. Our management team stays available to you throughout the process and can quickly respond to changes in your needs.

Although we primarily produce industrial parts and components for OEMs, with our custom sheet metal fabrication services, we manufacture a range of items for different types of companies. We specialize in building long-term partnerships, as witnessed by customers who have been relying on Superior Manufacturing Company for over 50 years.

Superior Manufacturing Company is ready to become your sole-source sheet metal fabricator and provide you with exceptional quality and service.

Trusted Supplier for Over 75 Years

In 1945, Superior Manufacturing began by selling steel storage bins after World War II. In the 1960s, we transitioned from a simple shop to a complete OEM supplier in order to meet new opportunities for construction equipment components. We have always maintained a small customer base, which has allowed us to respond quickly to customer needs and ensure that every customer remains a priority.

Since our beginning, we’ve focused on exceptional quality for every customer. Over the years, we have branched into more industries and developed new capabilities with improvements in manufacturing technology. Some of these advancements include our automated powder coating and robotic welding systems. We also continue to use our tried-and-true equipment and processes, including CNC punching.

Our dedication to quality and service has remained the cornerstone of our business in precision metal fabrication. When you work with Superior Manufacturing Company, you get over 75 years of manufacturing expertise with excellence across all areas of production metal fabricating.

Industries We Serve

Superior Manufacturing Company is the preferred precision metal fabrication provider for many of our clients. We will meet OEM specifications in the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Military
  • Off-Highway
  • Agriculture

From custom aluminum fabrication for the construction industry to steel fabrication for military projects, Superior Manufacturing has you covered.

Full-Service Engineering and Metal Fabricating

We make precision custom sheet metal fabricated parts with engineering services that are tailored for your business’s specific needs. Our in-house engineering team will work with you to develop a cost-effective solution for your product. They are trained in the latest CAD software and can work with any type of file.

Whether it is a fully engineered product or just a concept, we let our customers determine our level of involvement in their product development. Our engineering expertise can help you with:

  • Cost reduction
  • Technical assistance
  • Project planning
  • Design review

We can help you get the most out of every project. Our team creates solid plans so we can get every product exactly how you want it, and our transparent pricing enables you to feel confident in your purchase. With a proven history of designing for manufacturability (DFM), the earlier we get involved in your product’s development, the more opportunities we have to identify and implement cost savings.

Our Top Products

With over three-quarters of a century of metal fabricating experience, Superior Manufacturing Company offers a wide range of product capabilities. In the commercial construction equipment market, we specialize in fuel tanks and hydraulic tanks, operator cabs and equipment enclosures. Other products we manufacture include propane storage cages, engine hoods, fenders, baffles, ladders, muffler guards, battery boxes, door assemblies, fan shrouds, covers, toolboxes and more.

Learn more about our top offerings:

Our team crafts each product, from design to delivery. We understand that every business is unique, so we work with your specifications to meet your production and service part needs.

Our Advantages

We offer custom product solutions, precision sheet metal fabrication and engineering, all from one supplier. Our independent system provides many advantages over other precision metal fab companies. We offer benefits including:

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We pride ourselves on quality of design and strict conformance to specifications. From our commitment to continuous improvement to performing quality inspections throughout all phases of production, our goal is always to exceed our customers' expectations.

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From prototyping to production, we focus on reducing costs every step of the way - regular evaluations of production processes, optimization of efficiency and swift responses to market fluctuations are just a few of the ways we work hard to ensure that our prices remain competitive without ever compromising quality.

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We know the importance of getting your parts on time and avoiding costly production delays. Whether it is a full-fledged Kanban program, Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery or simply working together to develop achievable lead times, we can accommodate a range of supply agreements.

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