Fuel Tank Manufacturing

Heavy construction equipment like bulldozers, cranes and excavators requires solidly built fuel tanks that can hold up well in challenging conditions. At Superior Manufacturing Company, fuel tank manufacturing is one of our specialties. We will design and fabricate a product that will meet your performance, quality and durability expectations.

We can collaborate with you to develop a brand-new fuel tank specifically designed for your heavy equipment lineup. However, for many companies, reconditioning an existing product provides a more practical and cost-effective solution. Regardless of your preferences, Superior Manufacturing will deliver a result that meets your unique needs and fits your business’s budget.

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OEM and Custom Mass Fuel Tank Manufacturing

As experienced hydraulic reservoir manufacturers, we can construct products for OEM manufacturers that deliver the exceptional quality these companies demand. We have the resources and expertise to mass-produce the tanks while ensuring they meet the exceedingly high standards required in these precise applications. You can trust that your fuel tanks will deliver optimal long-term results.

We also recognize that some vehicle and equipment manufacturers need specific components that aren’t available in the open market. We can collaborate with your business team to engineer and build a custom solution that will fulfill your project’s unique requirements.


Fuel Tank Manufacturing Considerations

Our comprehensive design and manufacturing process encompasses a wide range of factors to ensure consistent, reliable results:

  • Materials: We fabricate aluminum and stainless steel fuel tanks that provide excellent corrosion and leak protection. These high-quality metals are available in multiple gauges to meet your project’s parameters for thickness.
  • Size: Does your company manufacture machines and equipment? We can design and manufacture fuel tanks in multiple sizes to ensure the appropriate capacity for every unit. Whether you require a tank that holds 10 gallons of fuel or 200, we can provide the perfect match.
  • Quality: Every fuel tank we fabricate undergoes rigorous inspection and leak testing to ensure it meets our (and your) high standards. These units arrive fully assembled and ready to install in the equipment you’re manufacturing, saving time and labor.
  • Order quantity: Superior Manufacturing Company specializes in fulfilling OEM and business orders involving fuel tanks for their products. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate single-order replacement manufacturing requests.


The Benefits of Working With Superior Manufacturing

Choosing us over other hydraulic fuel tank manufacturers offers many valuable business benefits:

  • Experience: Our company has been in business since 1945. We have a long-standing reputation for delivering consistent results for every project.
  • One-stop shop: We can serve as your single-source fuel tank manufacturer and supplier, eliminating the need to rely on multiple vendors for different applications.
  • Tightly managed process: We complete all project steps in-house without relying on third-party contractors. We’re able to monitor and control the entire process and make quick adjustments as needed.
  • Just-in-time delivery: Our ability to deliver items as needed can significantly reduce your company’s inventory-carrying costs.


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Experience all the advantages of making the experts at Superior Manufacturing the one-stop OEM hydraulic tank manufacturer for your construction and heavy equipment, whether you have a few machines or an extensive fleet. Take the next step and contact us for more information and a no-obligation project quote today.

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