Construction Equipment Components

From equipment parts to attachments, Superior Manufacturing has made thousands of components for the commercial construction industry. Our engineers provide design solutions and assistance to meet your commercial construction requirements.

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Construction Equipment Component Manufacturer

Construction projects have hard deadlines. Using the right equipment and maintaining it is essential for success. Tested, quality parts from a proven OEM supplier like Superior Manufacturing will help your customers complete their projects on time.

Superior Manufacturing has years of experience designing and producing products for construction equipment. You will receive high-quality products that add value to your equipment through efficient and cost-effective designs.

Additional Construction Products We Manufacture

In addition to operator cabs, tanks, and enclosures, Superior Manufacturing is capable of handling a multitude of construction products:

  • Fenders: Fenders protect the equipment from road spray and adverse weather conditions, minimize maintenance requirements and increase fuel efficiency. We can make fenders for all types of construction equipment.
  • Door weldments and assemblies: We can manufacture doors for all machine types to meet customer needs.
  • Toolboxes: Toolboxes hold the various hand tools that are needed at the construction site, separately or attached to the equipment.
  • Fuel and hydraulic tanks: We manufacture fuel and hydraulic tanks for heavy construction equipment.
  • Steel/aluminum cages: Superior Manufacturing designs and makes metal cages for storing propane tanks in your facility.
  • Access Panels
  • Engine Hoods
  • Decking and Ladders
  • Miscellaneous Covers

These are just a few of the thousands of products we have manufactured over the last 75 years. For more information about our capabilities please contact us.

Superior Manufacturing Offers Customization for All Products

We manufacture toolboxes, fenders and many other components that require additional specifications beyond the standard. As a construction equipment components manufacturer, Superior Manufacturing has in-house engineers that collaborate with you to build the products you need. We will manufacture the product from start to finish in our facility to retain total control over product quality.

By choosing a custom supplier, you can request design changes at any phase in the process and get valuable advice from our engineers. Superior Manufacturing can fabricate, finish, assemble and ship production items ready for installation.

Choose Superior Manufacturing as Your Construction Equipment Manufacturer

Superior Manufacturing is a construction equipment component supplier with more than 75 years of experience. Our goal is to provide our construction industry clients with products and services that allow them to work efficiently at any job site. Superior Manufacturing can supply you with virtually any product you need.

Contact us online today for more information about our construction equipment component capabilities.

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