Fuel and Hydraulic Tanks Manufacturing

Superior Manufacturing is a custom fuel and hydraulic tank supplier for OEMs and a range of other heavy-duty and commercial construction equipment manufacturers. Our design expertise, dedicated workforce and commitment to quality set us apart from other fuel and hydraulic tank manufacturers.

Whether you are re-sourcing an established product or creating a new one, we can deliver the quality components you need. Discover how our expertise in custom fuel and hydraulic tank manufacturing can benefit your business.

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OEM Fuel and Hydraulic Tank Manufacturing for Heavy Equipment

We design and manufacture fuel and hydraulic tanks to meet the requirements of many types of equipment, and we leak-test 100% of the tanks we manufacture. Whether you’re looking for a stainless steel fuel tank or a special size, our tank manufacturing experts can help!

Some factors we take into consideration when designing our tanks include:

  • Material: We use steel, stainless steel or aluminum in a variety of gauges to create rust- and leakproof hydraulic and fuel tanks. If you need an aluminum hydraulic tank for trucks or fuel tanks for trucks, our team is used to working with various materials to create custom built fuel and hydraulic tanks..
  • Size: Our fuel and hydraulic tanks are used on a variety of equipment. Whether for 2 gallons or more than 200 gallons, we have the expertise necessary to manufacture your tanks.
  • Quality: We inspect and test every tank to ensure they meet your specifications and exceed your expectations.

We ship our tanks fully assembled and ready for installation on your equipment.

 Types of Tanks

OEM and Custom Fuel Tank Manufacturing

A large part of our business consists of manufacturing, painting and assembling fuel tanks for OEM manufacturers. We manufacture custom fuel tanks for vehicles and other heavy-duty construction equipment and have extensive experience producing in large volumes with consistent quality throughout. Whether you need custom stainless steel gas tanks or fuel tanks for diesel, Superior Manufacturing has the skills to complete the project.

At Superior Manufacturing, fuel tanks are one of our specialties and we’re a proud tank supplier with extensive knowledge. We have 75 years of industry experience to help ensure that every order goes smoothly from start to finish. We oversee each step of the fuel tank manufacturing process from design to assembly, providing updates as soon as they happen so you aren’t stuck waiting on a third-party supplier.

OEM and Custom Hydraulic Tank Manufacturing

We manufacture every custom hydraulic tank to meet your specific equipment needs. Whether for off-road applications or a specialty vehicle, we understand that every operation is unique and work with you to design the right hydraulic tank for your equipment. Our team of experts will keep you updated throughout the entire hydraulic tank manufacturing process. For anything from unique dimensions to irregular shapes or a particular color, you can rely on Superior Manufacturing for custom metal fabricating.

Superior Manufacturing Is Your OEM Fuel Tank Supplier

For over 75 years, we have provided businesses with fuel and hydraulic tanks for their industrial and construction equipment needs. Whether you’re looking for an aluminum hydraulic reservoir or a stainless steel fuel tank, our team has you covered. Our shop is equipped with cutting-edge technology that offers powder coating, laster cutting, and more to manufacture quality products for our production clients.

Our custom tank engineering and manufacturing capabilities can provide you with the best possible tank for your product. We fabricate, paint, assemble and ship your tanks so they are ready for installation as soon as they arrive.

Browse our custom tank gallery and contact us online to request a quote or visit our products page to see some of our other most popular projects.

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