Precision Metal Manufacturing for Off-Highway Applications

Off-highway equipment needs durable components capable of withstanding rugged environments. Superior Manufacturing is an established off-highway component manufacturer that offers full-service engineering and metal fabricating services.

We can design, manufacture, and assemble various products for your off-highway equipment. Learn more about our metal manufacturing capabilities for the off-highway industry.

Off-Highway Component Manufacturer

Off-highway equipment and machinery is used at construction, mining and other rough terrain job sites. Examples include earthmoving equipment like heavy trucks, heavy equipment like backhoes, loaders and material handling equipment like cranes and telehandlers.

Rough terrain equipment is continually exposed to debris and harsh conditions, making the hydraulics and gears susceptible to corrosion.

Equipment components designed for such intense operations will improve productivity and help prevent equipment failure. Our precision metal manufacturing ensures efficiency by creating high-performance, high-quality parts designed specifically for off-highway conditions. As an OEM off-highway crane operator cab and component manufacturer, Superior Manufacturing has extensive experience manufacturing a wide range of off-highway equipment components. Our engineering expertise and extensive quality control measures ensure that your products will last a long time in the field.

Superior Manufacturing Off-Highway Industry Products

Superior Manufacturing has the resources needed to design and manufacture many vehicle components for the off-highway industry. Here are some examples of products we have manufactured:

These are just a few of the thousands of products we have manufactured over the last 75 years. For more information about our capabilities please contact us.

Customization for All Off-Highway Equipment

Superior Manufacturing offers customization for every need. If you need custom OEM fuel tanks for off-highway machinery, operating cabs or more, our engineering team will work with you to create a design to meet your requirements.

We manufacture all products on-site. Every phase of your project is completed in-house, giving us total control over product quality and facilitating the need for any changes you request. Superior Manufacturing can fabricate, finish, assemble and ship items ready for installation.

Choose Superior Manufacturing as Your Off-Highway Equipment Supplier

Since 1945, Superior Manufacturing has supplied a range of products for the off-highway equipment. We dedicate ourselves to improving our processes to meet fluctuating market demands and your satisfaction. Contact us online or by phone at 336-661-1200 for more information about our capabilities as an off-highway equipment manufacturer.

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